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DISCLAIMER: The following excerpts from client letters should not be considered as a claim or warranty that the outcome obtained for these clients by Attorney Gail Suhr is representative of all cases, or that Attorney Suhr will obtain the same or a similar result for other clients or other matters.

Butler County client, 2015

Gail saved my life. If you have to hire an attorney, chances are bad things are happening. At a low point in my life, Gail's compassion and knowledge of family law and the court system, provided me with immediately relief and peace of mind. Gail took control of the proceedings and explained everything that was going to happen. She made sure I kept the kids, the house and received the support I needed. She put my life back on track.

Butler County client, 2015

After going through six painful months with corporate lawyers on both sides of our divorce, dragging things out, generating tons of so-called billable events, and not once did we even have a single meeting in that time frame, I decided to hire a new lawyer. Trouble was there were very little resources to find the best ones. I found Gail on the internet, and after meeting with numerous other attorneys, I went to see Gail.From the first meeting with Gail I knew I had found the right lawyer. She is a tough, no-nonsense individual that was only interested in bringing my divorce to completion with the best possible outcome for me. She was not interested in running up the legal fees, and focused completely on what was needed to bring my case to a successful ending.Gail handled my case with extreme professionalism, and urgency, to say the least. She was always available, with correspondence occurring way into the morning hours. She was always able to bring my emotions in check. Hiring Gail was one of the best decisions I ever made. Period! And I never thought I would say this about a lawyer, but I now consider Gail a friend. Gail always took the time to understand my situation, and to give me advice that was invaluable. She forgets nothing and will make sure you don't either.I was always very comfortable dealing with Gail, and in the end she was able to help me obtain the best possible outcome for my situation. It exceeded my expectations.My advice. Don't mess around with those corporate lawyers. Go to someone who has your best interest in mind, who has the intelligence and knowledge of the system to insure your represented in the best possible fashion, and who has not only your wellbeing in mind, but also your personal finances. My only regret is that I didn't find Gail sooner!!!

Butler County client, 12/11

"This is a long over due testimonial to a lawyer who is outstanding as a lawyer and as a genuine person. Three years ago my son got into a situation with his girlfriend who is the mother of his son. When the baby was born our son was denied any access to see the baby by the baby's mother and the baby's grandmother. Through advice from another attorney we tried to handle things on our own. After a month and a half of my son being denied any visitation with the baby by the baby's mother we dropped the other attorney and set up an appointment with Gail. She was blown away at the fact that my son had not seen his own son for a month and a half. She talked to my son asking him all kinds of questions about himself and his relationship with his ex girlfriend. Gail basically found out that our son is a good young man who has a job, does not do drugs, is not a criminal, and is more than willing to financially support his new son. After that Gail got things into motion so quick it was unbelievable. Within a week or so she had everything worked out so my son could get visitation with his son. She knew exactly what to do. She knew all the right words to say and when to say them. Gail is an outstanding person who is easy to talk to when it comes to the legal side of these situations. I have recommended her to a number of people and will keep on doing so. When my father needed a lawyer for something he needed handled I called Gail. This was not something that she specialized in so she gave me the name of someone who she knew who could take care of it. The attorney was a great guy and helped my father out at a difficult time. It is so nice to know an attorney who is understanding and is able to guide you where you need to go when it comes to your legal needs. My family will be forever thankful to Gail and everything that she has done for us and will continue to do.

Thank You"

Butler County client, 10/11


I wanted to apologize for not sending this earlier. But I really wanted to thank you very much for everything you have done for us in this case. You are a top of the line person to have as an attorney. I will send everyone I know your direction that will be going through the same crap I did. You definitely made things easy for us and greatly appreciated. Also everything is still flowing smooth still and she is still nuts!!!! LOL but thank you every much for all your work.


Butler County Client, 01/09

"To anyone who doesn't know Gail Suhr as an attorney...If you need a FAMILY ATTORNEY-HIRE HER! I have literally been through six (6) yes 6 attorneys in the last 7 years. I represented myself for 2 of the 6 years. Most of the attorneys were like Oh AGREE, Oh Agree (even though it was not in your best interest, nor your children's best interest), or they told you, "The judge won't like that if you don't compromise", "That's petty to file contempt (even if it's in a court order), and on and on it goes!!!!!!!!! Gail is my 7 th attorney and they weren't kidding when they said 7 is lucky!

Gail actually paid attention. I didn't have to recite off what the law was, I didn't have to hear, I don't know about that, or just totally ignore any email or phone call. She was right there, late at night and early in the morning finishing off what needed to be done LEGALLY. I had attorneys of mine go to court completely unprepared in court, claiming things that never happened and then looking at me to fill in the gaps when I had no clue what they were talking about! I've literally had to explain a simple law like the UCCJEA (which is the jurisdictional law in PA) to which I was actually asked "What are you talking about-I never heard of that!"

There was none of this back door deals with Gail. She was on the face like a coin of heads or tails. Basically calling a spade a spade. She listened, she dug into the file (instead of breezing over it), and got to the real nuts and bolts of the case. For once in 7 years of sheer terror through the court system-I am no longer afraid of what will happen to my children and to myself! She gave a crap about what TRULY happens with motions and court appearances instead of showing up for a paycheck, although she does this for a living and I do realize that, but she doesn't gouge you.

If you care about yourself and your children if you're in a custody dispute, I would only EVER go to Gail again! She actually gives a hoot about getting to the bottom of things instead of watching your money fly out the window with bogus phone call after phone call from opposing counsel and follows the law like a lawyer should, like you think a lawyer is suppose to be instead of stealing your money and nothing ever getting settled. Truly she is a blessing in disguise!"

Butler County Client 12/08

"Wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for everything that you did throughout our custody trial. Our daughter isdoing great and this will be the second year in a row that I don't need to worry about getting her back to her mother's on time due to the holiday...since she lives with us now!"

"M.", Armstrong County Client

"Where to start. We came across Gail purely on coincidence. Let me just say choosing Gail was the way to go for us. All to often lawyers seem to be uncaring money grubbers who want to operate like a fast food eatery. Kind of like the slogan "billions and billions served" they just want to file things for their clients "true or not" as fast as they can and then work out the details and applicable laws later perhaps hoping that the other side will just give in. This is a far from the way Gail operates as one could possibly get. Gail likes having her information correct doing the research that needs to be done and advising her clients the best way to proceed as opposed to having her clients squander their money on misinformation and painted grand illusions of victory for their clients. For my case she was so well prepared that she made the other attorney look very bad in front of his client for not doing his research on current laws that he had to excuse himself from the room for a short time. Being the dad and dealing with custody issues may already seem like an uphill battle but having Gail in the fight didn't let that mountain overshadow the fact that it can be overcome with proper knowledge and preparation. Choosing Gail as an attorney is an easy recommendation for anyone that would ask or want to know."

From Anonymous current client, Butler, PA. 03/08

"I can't thank you enough for your help, support, and guidance through this mess. I don't know what I would have done without your by my side."

From "L.", Allegheny County client, 2/08

"Our experience with Gail Suhr has been wonderful. Gail took on the unthinkable, a father and new wife filing for primary physical custody of my step daughters - and won!! During the entire case - Gail was extremely prepared, did her best to present both the best and worst case scenarios to us, never leaving us in the dark and always advising us what would be in our best interest, but always listening to what we had concerns about and working with us. Always communicative, always expedient in returning calls and e-mails, and since the case is over, she still maintains contact with us. Gail always made us feel that we were her only clients, when her case load was in fact larger than life. The best part about Gail, is not her legal expertise, but her ability to build a relationship with her clients and make them feel like they are the most important people, not just clients. I work for a large law firm myself and have seen first hand how some clients can get lost in the shuffle, but this will never happen with Gail. She has made us very happy not just because she won our case, but because she truly cares about her clients."

From "W.", Butler County client, 10/07

"Thank you for the excellent legal advice and representation that you provided during my recent divorce. Obviously, a divorce is never a happy time. But with your excellent guidance, the process proceeded smoothly, and with minimal anxiety. Your professionalism in handling the matter was outstanding. Having been recommended to me by another of your clients, I must admit that she was correct in her praise of your services. I would not hesitate for one second to recommend you to anyone needing your services."

From "J.", Butler County client 11/07

"I would like people to know I had two lawyers in 3 years prior to Gail Suhr. Gail's abilities in the court system continue to impress me. Gail speaks with passion yet delivers with authority. My only regret is not being recommended to Gail earlier in my situation. To anyone looking for a dedicated lawyer who will listen to your problems and needs, go no further than Gail Suhr. Thank you very much Gail in helping me get full custody of my children."

From "P.", Butler County client, 10/07

"When God created Gail Suhr, He knew that there would be "everyday people" out there, who would need her help. I am one of those people.

First of all, when one ends up going through a divorce and custody situation, nine times out of ten, it is not an event that a person 'would expect' to have happened to him or her. So, when it 'does happen,' often that person does not even know where to begin to find an attorney.

Secondly, finding "an attorney," is not the only thing to consider when having to go through a custody battle and / or divorce situation. It is so important to find a 'good attorney'---in fact-- not just a 'good attorney', but an 'EXCELLENT' attorney! And THAT is exactly what Gail Suhr is!!

Please allow me to tell you to tell you a bit about 'my story,' which is 'proof' of what I just told you above. I am a mother of three children. Like most mothers, my children mean "the world" to me, and are "my everything!" Before I go any further, please let me make it clear, that I do not believe that all mothers are good and all fathers are bad. Nor, do I believe the opposite. I believe that there are both good and bad mothers, as well as good and bad fathers out there, and that each family situation is different.

Regarding "my situation," my children and I came from a physically and mentally abusive relationship with my husband. Not only is a 'Domestic Violence' situation very painful to go through, it is also very difficult to prove. When my "Custody and Divorce" story began (back in September 2005), I had just filed a PFA on my husband, and was granted that it be in effect, protecting both my children and me, for 6 months. At that point, little did I know that I would end up going through four different attorneys, before I found "someone" who would turn my case around, and save my children! You see, as time went by throughout my case, I was successfully painted in a 'negative light', and my opponent and his counsel, began placing false accusations that my family and I were trying to alienate the children from my husband, in the court's eyes. This strategy is very commonly used in physical abuse cases.

I didn't know where to turn, or who to turn to. I was attending counseling at VOICE. All that I knew, is that I could not just stay with my present attorney, and that I needed to find another attorney, even if that meant moving onto a fifth attorney. I prayed to God for help. Then, it was at a counseling session at VOICE, that God led me to the name of a 'Gail Suhr,' through the counselor's recommendation.

The VOICE counselor told me that the clients that have had Gail, stated that she is a "fighter", a "listener", and a "compassionate person." After having Gail Suhr as my attorney, I can tell you that she is all of that, and more! Because of Gail, "my story" has and ending of hope and happiness! Although, it is not entirely over, I have won the custody of my children, including other terms, which are just amazing!

I still have Gail Suhr, today, as my attorney, as my case is not complete. I still thank God, for leading me to Gail. I can tell you that Gail is not afraid to fight or go to court. My opponent's counsel knows that well. Another thing that I can tell you, is that Gail can "write." When Gail "writes," she means business!

Finally, a quality that stands out in Gail, from any other attorney (and believe me, I ought to know-as I've had four previous attorneys), is her 'human' quality. Gail, is a parent, a mother, of two beautiful children. She knows how her clients feel as a parent, and empathizes with them-- and this is expressed in her emails to you. Gail was, and is, there for me! That is something that I have not found in other attorneys, where you are represented like a business transaction. With Gail, she is supportive, encouraging, and positive-and sometimes she can make you laugh, when you 'need' to laugh, to break that stress!

In summary, I don't know where I would be right now if it wasn't for Gail, and I am speaking from my heart when I say that. From the beginning, Gail, has not wasted a moment planning and strategizing on my case, and to this very day, she is still doing the same thing. I could not speak more highly of her. I respect Gail, as an attorney, and as a friend. Most of all, I thank my God for her!"

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